“I had been told during all of my 60 years that I couldn’t sing. It turns out I simply needed to be taught how to do it properly. After just one lesson with Ruth I could sing!

I am absolutely thrilled and what a confidence boost it’s been too.

Huge thanks to my great teacher”


—  Janet, Adult Learner

Piano Lessons

All Ages

I have taught piano professionally since September 2016. I am currently based at Bingley Music School. I collaborate with local piano teachers and musicians. All lessons are one-to-one based.


I draw on many years of experience and training, such as my degree studies from Leeds College of Music and perform regularly in the community.

I grew up in Denmark where no grades were taught, so I tailor my teaching to the needs of you as an individual student. I use a structured and methodical approach. 

I teach children, young people as well as adults and late beginners. There is no age limit, if you have the passion to learn! I do my best to ensure that you have a positive learning experience whatever your level, in a friendly atmosphere. 

Singing Lessons

All Ages

I expanded my teaching in February 2018 to include singing. I draw on years of experience as a professional singer and particularly from my studies at Leeds College of Music, where I collaborated with various vocal coaches. 


I collaborate with vocal coach Olivia Hyde from Huddersfield from time to time. I have observed and attended training to ensure my teaching methods are relevant and of benefit to you as a singer. All lessons are one-to-one based.


Singing is a skill you can learn like any other and there's a big difference between singing and expressing your emotions in song. ​I tailor my teaching to the material you desire to work on and provide you with tools to build and help you to sustain a healthy singing practice. I teach adults, as well as children and young learners.

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Lessons are available

after school hours

Online or Face to Face at

Bingley Music School

Trial lesson only £10

for new students

Current rate is

£15 for 30min

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