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I am highly influenced by jazz and blues and completed my degree in Jazz Studies at Leeds College of Music 10 years ago. Still I tend to rely on my own style and not trying to fit into any particular idiom. I studied Performance and Composition Major and Improvisation Minor. I improvise and play by ear to feel my way through the songs to express what they mean to me.  Since settling in West Yorkshire in 2010 I have acquired a lot of folk influences too. 

I perform as solo act on piano and vocals and collaborate with various musicians from time to time. Namely Emi Hall, Joe Drury; and Reuben Wilkinson & Ian Kinsella (trio also known as Reubik).

I am known for making each song my own. People often ask, 'is this your own song?'
My most well known covers include Martha's Harbour, Luka, Imagine (available on EP),  Blowing in the Wind, Heal Over, Alone Again, My Immortal, and Songbird.

Since September 2016 I built up my own 

private teaching for piano and singing, of which you can find more information on my Tuition page. I recently joined Bingley Music School as well, teaching all ages.

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