B i o g r a p h y


I started singing and playing piano when I was 9yrs old. I was privately taught and in my adult life, mostly self taught with no grades. I also play guitar and accordion.


I am Danish by origin and settled in the UK in 2003 when I finished my education in DK. I worked for a few years down South and then went to Leeds College of Music in 2005 to study my degree in Jazz Studies (BA Hons). I am now bilingual and obtained my British Citizenship in 2019.

Since studies I collaborated with many on a casual basis on the side of a full-time job. I gave up my job December 2015, at the time I was diagnosed with breast cancer and tested positive for BRCA2 gene mutation. I went through treatment and returned to work following September.
I started my own private music teaching for piano and singing, of which you can find more information on my Tuition page. I also teach at Bingley Music School.
For the last 3 years I’ve worked as a professional solo piano vocalist to build my career as an Artist. In 2019 I performed at my first festival L Fest in Wales and joined the Open Mic UK competition. I collaborate with various musicians from time to time and have hosted my own open mics over the past year. 



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I am influenced by many genres and different artists. My roots were country and pop rock but my degree focused around jazz and improvisation. As I settled in West Yorkshire I gained a lot of exposure to folk and blues. As a result I have developed my own improvised style, guided by my emotions and wanting to express myself through music.
I am known for my personal renditions of cover songs and people often ask 'is this your own song?' Examples include Martha's Harbour, Luka, Imagine (available on EP), Blowing in the Wind, Heal Over, My Immortal, and Songbird to name a few. I have over 100 songs in my repertoire and keep learning new songs. I also write my own material and recorded and released my new EP 2020 from Eiger Music Studios, which you can buy here on my website.
If you’re interested in booking me for your event, please contact me here.